the Story of Olivia Full Body Shots

On April 28th The Singularity presented their 3rd Live Body Art show at The Oh! Bar in Jackson, MI. The date of the show was a milestone for everyone involved. One year prior, creative individuals were planning the first body art show, The Story of Asenath Genesis 41:45, a story of beauty and transformation. Here is the story and the series of full body model shots from the The Story of Olivia, a hybrid tale about the healing power of love.

All body art painted on models are works of Doug Jones, as well as the written story.

The Story of Olivia

I take elements drawn from Welch, “Lady of the Lake,” and Honduran, “Flower of Olivia,” stories.

Craig grew bored of the regular work and chores that people expected him to do each day. Somehow, Craig found a way to escape long enough to spend his days along the shore of the lake until the sun set. (The irony is Craig did not know how to swim. He never learned or taught himself how.)

Craig enjoyed all of his days at the lake. Slowly though, Craig grew lonely.

Then one day, as the sun was slowly setting, he saw something in his peripheral that simply could not be there. He saw a woman. The strangest part, is she hovered above the water about a hundred feet away from him. She looked right at him but she did not move. Craig looked to make sure she was there. She was.

I painted the first model as the shimmer of the lake at the time of the setting sun. I use a gradient to illustrate the colors of the forest on the lake’s surface and the twinkle in the woman’s eyes. I paint freckles along her shoulder.

Photographs above by Kaiti McDonough


Photographs above by Justine Melville

He called for her asking for her to come towards him. The woman did not budge. Suddenly, Craig remembered the flower he picked on his way to the lake that day. So, he grabbed it and held it up. Still, the woman did not move. The sun set and she never came nearer. Craig went him and agonized that night. He told his mom about it. She laughed and told him to pick a prettier flower.

The next day, Craig found a prettier flower on his way to the lake. He looked for hours to find the flower he chose. It was only dulled when compared to one that was impossible to get. The prettiest flower was surrounded in thorns and thickets. So Craig picked the one he could get and stood at the shore waiting for the woman to appear. The sun was nearly set and Craig did not see the woman. He worried she might never again appear. Suddenly, the woman reappeared even more beautiful than she appeared the first day. Craig presented the prettier flower. She did not budge. The sun set, and she never came nearer.

Craig went home that night. Again, he agonized. His mom laughed and told Craig to pick the prettiest flower. His future wife was worth the trouble. She knew it. Craig knew it. The woman at the lake clearly knew it.

Craig spent nearly the entire day getting to the prettiest flower in the forest. This time when Craig presented the prettiest flower in the forest, the woman hovered near to Craig and said, “What do you want?”(Craig noticed only one blemish about her. She had a series of freckles on her shoulder.)

Craig was stunned.

He said, “I want you to be my wife.”

The woman, Olivia, said, “On two conditions: that you return tomorrow ready to by my husband. The second condition: that you promise to never strike me. If you strike me three times, I will leave you and never return.”

Craig went home overjoyed. His mom laughed.

When Craig returned the next day, he found an old man hovering above the lake where the woman had been. He had a woman at each side. The women looked identical.

The man said, “I am the king of this lake and these are my two daughters. My daughter told me that you wanted to marry her. I have one condition for you. You let me know which one of these women is the woman you asked to be your wife yesterday, and you will have my blessing.”

Craig thought about it. Just when Craig thought he was going to fail, he noticed a series of freckles on one of the woman’s shoulders. He pointed and said, “It is her.”

The king said, “Yeah, that’s the one. So, I’ll honor my word and you’ll have my blessing in marriage. On top of that, whatever she can say in a breath, I will give it to you.”

Olivia came close to Craig and said, “Ok. I’ll be your wife. But remember your promise. If you strike me three times, I will leave you and never return.”

Olivia took a giant breathe and she muttered all sorts of things (horses, cows, a beautiful home, a garden, trees, a big yard, a car for you, a car for me…). All of a sudden, all of those things rose from the lake and began to float onto shore.

Craig and Olivia became the wealthiest couple in town, and they were happy. First, Olivia gave birth to her daughter. A few years later, Olivia gave birth to her second daughter.

I call the second model, “The Bride.” I paint Olivia’s daughters at her sides. I also paint the joy that family can bring, illustrated in faces.

Photographs above by Kaiti McDonough

UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitled Untitled

Photographs above by Justine Melville

Through a strange set of events, Craig strikes Olivia three times and she leaves him forever.

I call the third model, “Despair.” She represents Olivia’s sadness and happiness. I paint the sorrow Craig and his daughters felt when Olivia went away. I paint the life of the child. Most importantly, I paint Craig’s heart and the failing presence of Craig and Olivia’s love.

Photographs above by Kaiti McDonough


Photographs above by Justine Melville

Craig agonized for weeks. He spent every night at the lake. The girls grew up with their grandparents. One night, Craig swam out to find Olivia. He never returned. Craig and Olivia’s daughters were orphans. The girls, women now, began to use the lake the same way their parents did.

One day Olivia appears and tells her daughters the whole story, including the part about the flower. Olivia said, “My entire life, I only wanted to bring healing to the suffering. I just wanted to make it better people. Now, you are blessed with the same gift. Knowing that, I planted this flower all over the forest. Use this flower to help heal people.”

According to Welch tradition, this is how medicine was born.

I call the fourth model, “Love.” She represents Olivia’s dream. Olivia sought to heal the world. She was strong and delicate like the petals of any flower. Her heart makes the world better.

Photographs above by Kaiti McDonough


Photographs above by Justine Melville

I call the fifth model, “The flower of Olivia.” She was chosen to be painted in front of the live audience. The colors are unique and vibrant combinations to demonstrate the healing power of love. Our story begins and ends with a single flower.

Photographs above by Kaiti McDonough


Photographs above by Justine Melville

Photographs above by Kaiti McDonough

Until the next, take care. ❤



The Singularity House of Art and Live Music

Saturday, May 19th, the Singularity held a collaborative art experience.
Housing over forty artists of various medias from the Jackson and surrounding areas, we are acknowledging and celebrating that the 517 underground art culture exists, needs, and can be provided with a place to work, study, and display their work.

On behalf of the Singularity, I would like to thank all of the artists and writers whose work is on display, musicians, everyone who participated in the drum circle (you guys vibe so well together!), Kristen Andrews for taking charge, filling in the gaps, and putting together the music line up, Nate Norris for also filling in the gaps and helping out so much, Art 634 for giving us a place to throw such a wonderful event, Maggie Riggle for putting up with our scatter brains, Cuppa for basically fueling everyone who came through, anyone who snapped photographs to help document the event (please e-mail them to us!, Kyle Johnson for his extra set up of things to do (artarchy and it’s finest), and anyone else who helped out during set up and the day of.

Drum Circle

We tallied over an astonishing 400 guests who came through the gallery from 4pm-10pm Saturday evening. A couple people posted on our event page on Facebook after the event stating their gratitude for us and our efforts, but in all honesty, we should be thanking you, because without your support and love, this wouldn’t be possible. It was all of YOU who made this event so much more than we could have imagined.
“It’s nice to feel a sense of home & family at an event here. No fussin’ no fighting. good times.” – Jason Bennett

We also had a donation jug out for Team Austin, and raised $70.00 for the benefit!

Artwork is still on display and for sale, open gallery hours are Monday May 21st 12pm-3pm, Thursday May 24th 12pm-5pm, and Friday May 25th 2pm-6pm! Here is also a PDF file (not including cover artwork) of the writers booklet, so that everyone has a chance to see it: BookletFinal

Last, here is a collection of my favorite pieces from the show by each artist, in no particular order, involved. All photographs were taken with a Canon DSLR. I am still waiting on a couple of rolls to be developed, so this is not everything I took from the evening.

Sophie Wood

Sara Reynolds

Rodney Pruitt

Colleen Peterson

McDonoughKaiti McDonough

Kristina Duchaine

Kennedy Taylor

KelseyKelsey Sharples

Doug Jones

James McNulty

Even Farmer

Connie Lopez

Phillip Dawson

Devon Camel

Kristen Andrews

Andrea Rowe

Hunting AbbyAbby
Abby Doebel

Wes Swartz
(this is such a terrible photograph of his work, I apologize for not getting a better shot)

Wayne Barringstool

Sheryl Amburgey

Shaw_1Matt Shaw
(more photographs of Matt were taken on film, which is still being developed)

SavSister_1SavSisterShannon Frybarger

Samm Rae

Ronnie Fergasun

JoyJoy Fulk

Josh Croy

Family Portrait
Legaia Finch
(Personally one of my favorites from the evening!)



Blenderhand (Chad Niekowal)

Alyssa Scott

MelvilleJustine Melville

If you have any photographs from the evening and would like to share them with us, please e-mail them to

We are all in this together.

Thank you,


the Story of Olivia Close-ups

In anticipation of the Story of Olivia full body model shots, we are excited to show you the close-ups of Doug’s work.


Photographs above by Justine Melville

On the day of the event, Doug started painting the models at noon. The five models were painted in layers, our job, Justine and Kaiti, as the photographers, was to capture the process of the paint. From wet globs, long streaks of color, textures and patterns, to the effect the layers have on the human skin. The reaction human skin has to acrylic paint is breathtaking. Silver and gold make the skin shimmer. Goosebumps that occur after cool paint is spread over the natural heat of the body makes a stunning textured photograph. The models movement throughout the entire day as the paint dries adds to the effects of these textures. The following  set of photographs takes you through the beginning stages of an all day process.


Photographs above by Justine Melville

All paintings are the work of Doug Jones and were painted on April 28th, 2012 at the Story of Olivia Body Art Show held at the Oh! Bar in Jackson, Michigan.

Model 1


Photographs above by Justine Melville

Photographs above by Kaiti McDonough

Model 2


Photographs above by Justine Melville

Photographs above by Kaiti McDonough

Model 3


Photographs above by Justine Melville

Photographs above by Kaiti McDonough

Model 4


Photographs above by Justine Melville

Photographs above by Kaiti McDonough

Model 5


Photographs above by Justine Melville

Photographs above by Kaiti McDonough


Photobooth photographs and the full body model shots will be posted within the next couple of weeks!

❤ One Love

Thank you!

The Story of Olivia body art show was a success! Before we post our model photography or Doug’s paintings, we would like to thank everyone who attended and helped to polish the final evening of the Story of Olivia body art show.

THANK YOU – Mike Easter and the staff at the Oh! Bar, Jeff Taylor, Anne Lusty, Chad Niekowal, Tyler Dopp, Todd Stanton, Steve Smargon, Dan Gantman, Erich Laux, Jace Roffler, Matt Rozensky, Patrick Dunigan, Angel Nazurak, Gina Marr, Ashley Sharp, Katie Duchaine, Chelsea Melin, Dylan Sodt, Free Kittens, Shado, VHS, and finally our audience and supporters – We wouldn’t be progressing as a creative community without your support!

The photo booth shots by Tyler Dopp will be published soon, after those are posted we will begin publishing the model photography. Until then, enjoy Justine and Kaiti’s random crowd shots from the evening.

Colleen&JeffPhotograph by Justine Melville

Photograph above and the rest below by Kaiti McDonough


Upcoming Event: the Story of Olivia

In ten days, Saturday April 28th, the Singularity House will present our third live body art show at the oh! Bar in Jackson, Michigan. Last year we held our first body art show on April 30th, so this kind of marks an anniversary for us, not only the Singularity House, but for our fellow artists who have been involved since that very day and our supporters. We wouldn’t be progressing as an underground artistic community without you!

Thank you to Anne Lusty for the poster design.

This is the story of Olivia. A live body art show.
A hybrid tale about the healing power of love.

Olivia will be held, again, at the Oh! bar in downtown Jackson on April 28thth. As always, this is a collaboration; we are surrounded by so much talent in this town!

7:00 pm * Doors open and cocktail hour begins. We ask that you enjoy yourselves with drinks and good company. This is a black tie event, (beYOUtiful) and we will have a local freelancer, Tyler Dopp, taking photographs of our guests. You can later view the photographs on Facebook, as well as our blog website. There will be NO PHOTOGRAPHY allowed. If we see you snapping pictures with your phone, you will be asked to leave.
7:30 pm * We request that you turn your attention to our comedic performances by Steve Smargon, Dan Gantman, and Erich Laux.
8:00 pm * Local live musical performances including smooth jazz by VHS, hip-hop from our beloved Shado, and the beautiful low-fi sounds of Free Kittens.
8:45 pm* Doors close and we will ask that everyone to quiet themselves and settle into their seats or find a nice view of the runway.
The Story of Olivia will begin at 9:00 pm * There will be a live recording, models who will walk the run way, live body painting by Doug Jones, and photography of the models by Kaiti McDonough and Justine Melville.

If you plan to attend, we ask you respect our models and work not only during the event, but afterwards as you tell your friends about us.

Here is a link to the Facebook event page: The Story Of Olivia Art show

Tickets designed and printed by Justine Melville.

LIMITED TICKETS. The Oh! bar is a small place, so there are limited tickets available. $12 presale (for sale until Thursday April 26th), $17 at-the-door. Reserved seating or standing room only tickets available. No price difference, first come, first serve. We will NOT be holding tickets until the night of. Tickets at the door are standing room only. If you are unsure where to purchase presale tickets, or you have any other questions or concerns, e-mail us at

We are very excited for this event and can’t wait to see all of you beautiful beings dressed to kill.

the Singularity House

Live Body Art Events

Now that we have our own blog space to work with, future body art shows will be published here. Our past shows were featured through Kaiti and Justine‘s blogs.

All body art photographs are of the original paintings by Doug Jones.

The Story of Asenath was held at the Oh! bar in Jackson, Michigan on April 30th 2011. An ancient story of reflection and transformation, Asenath was our first event of this kind and was chosen specifically by the artist, Doug Jones, to introduce fine body art to the southern Michigan area.
You can view the story and photographs HERE, and HERE.

The Story of Omae was also held at the Oh! bar in Jackson, Michigan on December 10th, 2011. Omae is another story of reflection, which will be a reoccurring theme amongst our events, and also, a story of happiness.
Model photography by Kaiti: PART1 and PART2.

As always, an enormous thank you goes out to our audience for showing such encouraging support as we continue to grow, not only as individuals, but as a thriving community of artists and creative minds.

We’re all in this together.


Meanwhile, visit our Facebook page for a look into what we are up to.